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Stories Inspiring Faith Including Our Own

Alive (Natalie Grant) – Inspirational Video

Duration : 0:5:6

  1. Marissa Garza Said,


  2. kim bramlett Said,

    Very Good job of …
    Very Good job of showing the story of Jesus’ being ALIVE. This brings joy and tears all at the same time. Thanks you

  3. IIMVNII Said,

    Psalm 3:2-4 AMP

    Psalm 3:2-4 AMP

    Many are saying of me, There is no help for him in God. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! But You, O Lord, are a shield for me, my glory, and the lifter of my head. With my voice I cry to the Lord, and He hears and answers me out of His holy hill. Selah [pause, and calmly think of that]! ♥†††♥

  4. Perez Marina Said,


  5. yangruiqiu Said,

    yes what movie is …
    yes what movie is this?

  6. LostFugitive Said,

    What are these …
    What are these video clips from?

  7. Jasmine Smith Said,

    Awesome. I’m …
    Awesome. I’m singing the low key version at my church for Easter.

  8. Dale Tope Said,

    Can’t stop watching …
    Can’t stop watching it…so well done.

  9. Shanna Crum Said, … Love this powerful song. Here’s my cover of it! Totally a “goosebump – praise Jesus” song. :)

  10. Jasmine Smith Said,

    Amazing!!!!!!!! …
    Amazing!!!!!!!! Made me cry.

  11. Juan Beltran Said,

    This song was …
    This song was actually the reason I started seeking god! I heard a 9 year old, sing this song in church and she was brought to tears. I searched this song, sang, and sang it!.No longer do I get drunk, and go to church. My life is no longer full of sin, instead I AM A BELIEVER…. BECAUSE THEIR IS NO KING OUT THEIR THAT WOULD SACRIFICE HIS LIFE FOR MINE…… AND AFTER GOING TO THE HOLY LAND ISRAEL, NEVER BEEN MORE CONVINCED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. gonzalezraquel45 Said,

    I love this song. …
    I love this song. God gave me a bran new life!!! I am alive thanks to the cross. I love u Lord!!!

  13. juhfreak Said,

    Well done, friend! …
    Well done, friend! These are usually done in the cheesiest fashion (and they’re usually the same clips from the Passion over and over). I appreciate the extra work you put into this.

  14. Fred Dirkson Said,

    Well I like you …
    Well I like you Dirkman because while I don’t believe he was the son of a god I do believe in almost everything Jesus said about being good to each other. I dream of a world ruled by love and understanding with no fear to control us. Is that so bad?

  15. 44Dirkman Said,

    I don’t like you …
    I don’t like you Fred. I try to give you Faith and you try and take mine. You come to an obvious Christian video and try to plant seeds of doubt. Yes, science explains precisely what happens to people like you, it will never explain what will happen to me.

  16. Fred Dirkson Said,

    Seriously? How has …
    Seriously? How has science benefited us? What do you think you are using to talk to me? You are using science that has changed the very fabric of our society. Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by science. We have cured diseases that used to kill hundreds of thousands of people. We would still be in the Dark Ages without science burning witches and unbelievers thinking the earth was flat and only a few thousand years old thanks to your Bible.

  17. 44Dirkman Said,

    Geology tells us …
    Geology tells us that this world is doomed. Your science tells us what? Dark energy, dark matter, Higgs Boson, universal expansion , what do we know of them? How has our science benefited us? You are here addressing Children of Christ as fools, and yet the very thing you place your belief in is something beyond our capacity for knowledge. Christ came with true Knowledge, and whether we want to or not, we will learn it. God bless you on your journey to it.

  18. Fred Dirkson Said,

    You willfully …
    You willfully choose to ignore scientific fact. There is nothing admirable about living in a fantasy world no matter how depressing the real world is.

  19. iluvdmm728 Said,

    I’m sorry you feel …
    I’m sorry you feel that way. Geology is a science founded and based in humanity… not divinity. I would rather believe in the Love of my Savior, His Sacrifice and Grace and be a fool – than deny Him, His Truth and His Salvation and find in the end that He was the Only Way to Eternity. I pray you open your heart to Him.

  20. Fred Dirkson Said,

    Willful ignorance. …
    Willful ignorance. Geology has proven beyond a doubt the Bible and other older religions that predate the Bible (remember there are religions older than yours) are all wrong.

  21. revdrfoster Said,

    I just heard this …
    I just heard this song for the first time yesterday. I thought I liked it. Having seen the video, I love it! It is better than most Jesus films. Powerful! In addition, Jesus and His followers actually look like they are from the Middle East! Bold! Far more accurate! I could go on and on! The music is fantastic! The lyrics piercing! I could go on and on!

  22. BillTheCat005 Said,

    Dear Youtube… I …
    Dear Youtube… I will ALWAYS [Skip Ad] as soon as you let me.

    Disgusted Youtube user

  23. Christine Jaquith Said,

    Makes me cry every …
    Makes me cry every time

  24. Wanderley Lima Said,

    Deus seja louvado

    Deus seja louvado
    Vivo Ele está te amo Jesus

  25. danzerts599 Said,

    turn my darkness …
    turn my darkness into dawn……….I AM HERE BECAUSE HE LIVES

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