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Mike Fisher Story

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the story of Mike Fisher

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  1. mcfly1976 Said,

    He believes in …
    He believes in santa clause? I mean god?

  2. jayfreshprime Said,

    Mike is the man, …
    Mike is the man, even if he is a little overpaid.

    I mean come on, Carrie Underwood? What a baller.

  3. swong066 Said,

    he’s a born-again …
    he’s a born-again christian.

  4. xmenlover2003 Said,

    i like the fact …
    i like the fact that him and carrie are together.i hope that it workd out.maybe god lead them to each other.i am sure that he is a virgin since in one of the magazines that talk about him and carrie they said that he is a devout christian and that he saif that he will not have sex until marriage.go mike.great guy.

  5. leyyelleyyel Said,

    i’m really sick and …
    i’m really sick and tired of people who can’t make mature comments. the guy is a great role model. grow up already. go spend more time in front of your x boxes.
    go mikey. God loves you and may he bless you in all you do.

  6. countrySTAR06 Said,

    i bet hes a virgin …
    i bet hes a virgin lol

  7. StephBelair Said,

    wow… brainwashed …
    wow… brainwashed a bit? :o


  8. leafsgirl41 Said,


  9. HISServant68 Said,

    PSALM 27:1.GO MIKE
    PSALM 27:1.GO MIKE

  10. deedub69 Said,

    he’s an impact …
    he’s an impact player, very valuable

  11. gcdcjccc Said,

    nice , mature …
    nice , mature comment there deedumb69

  12. deedub69 Said,

    you’re an idiot
    you’re an idiot

  13. gcdcjccc Said,

    most overated …
    most overated player in the NHL

  14. tcbasketball34 Said,

    he and Carrie …
    he and Carrie Underwood are a perfect match for eachother, both are strong christians, I really hope it works out

  15. thedarkknight333 Said,

    yes i am
    yes i am

  16. superman2112112 Said,

    ya darknights a …
    ya darknights a cool guy

  17. superman2112112 Said,

    Jhix88 is a faggot
    Jhix88 is a faggot

  18. thedarkknight333 Said,

    he actually is man, …
    he actually is man, listen to him

  19. Jhix88 Said,

    no hes not
    no hes not

  20. superman2112112 Said,

    no he actually is
    no he actually is

  21. Jhix88 Said,

    no hes not
    no hes not

  22. superman2112112 Said,

    yes he is bitch
    yes he is bitch

  23. Jhix88 Said,

    no he isnt
    no he isnt

  24. superman2112112 Said,

    no he really is. Do …
    no he really is. Do u have something to say about him?

  25. Jhix88 Said,

    no he isn’t but …
    no he isn’t but thanks for coming out

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