Stories Inspiring Faith

Stories Inspiring Faith Including Our Own

This is a video you must see and share .We in the free world need to pray for those who are suffering for their real faith in Jesus Christ ! Jesus said ,’If they hate Me they will hate you.’Thank God for the bold faith for those who stand up for Jesus in oppressive countries that despise the Lamb of God !
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  1. Shawn English Said,

    yeah our turn is …
    yeah our turn is coming just like Christ is coming so call me Stephen and done…yet it dont matter what they do they cant stop the truth…Thats why im a Christospeaker…I will never stop

  2. WorshipGuitar43 Said,

    God be with you …
    God be with you through the Holy Spirit, protect and bless you
    ♥ SHALOM ♥

  3. FeignofCordor Said,

    I will donate to …
    I will donate to this most worthy cause and remember them in my prayers.

  4. LadyGreenEyes964 Said,

    We have been …
    We have been blessed in this country, like no other, to worship without such fears. Even so, there is persecution, but not on a level with what so many face in other nations. Doubt not that the end days are upon us, as the levels of persecution are high around the world. We can’t assume that we would be in that number. What we can do is pray, for those so persecuted, and for those that are doing such evil, & are so lost. They have little time left to repent. Don’t forget to pray for them.

  5. lifeseeker51 Said,

    If I am honest,I …
    If I am honest,I will say that I am not ready.Really,I don’t know how one can get ready for such things.I have read many witnesses of those that have gone through the fire.They weren’t ready either.In their time of need though,they turned to Jesus.He pretty much took it from there.Many say that it was an experience with Him, that in spite of everything that happened,they cherish.

  6. LovedbcHim Said,

    I really hope that …
    I really hope that my family and I would be able to stand through something like this.

  7. aflame4God Said,

    God bless you Vern …
    God bless you Vern and appreciate what you do for the Lord .KEEP PRESSING ON .Bro.David.,

  8. Vern De Laronde Said,

    What a blessing my …
    What a blessing my brother. I will share this video with everyone. May the Lord bless you always.

  9. Michael Jenkins Said,

    Another moving …
    Another moving video, brother David you are a great blessing to the body of Christ. I lose focus on anything I am working on, just to watch them. Truly they are sincere and poignant. May God continue to bless you:)

  10. nursedjones Said,

    May God Bless them …
    May God Bless them and keep them for his word is true,he will not fail you and his word will not return back VOID.

  11. amelloveJesus Said,

    Keep praying here : …
    Keep praying here :)  May God bless them and safe them

  12. mamamialove Said,

    Ok I facebooked …
    Ok I facebooked this one..soooooooooooo important.

  13. WorshipIsAWeapon Said,

    This is a very …
    This is a very sobering video David and not many American christians really realize what our brothers and sisters go through in other countries for the faith. We must pray for them every day!! Keeping a right heart in the midst of persecution is crucial…our LORD is the example!

    God Bless
    No Turning Back!

  14. theseventhelf Said,

    Word’s can’t …
    Word’s can’t express the feelings of those you have called become sons of YAHWEH. Nonetheless, hear our hearts cry out for justice. In all of this, we chose to wait on the Lord. Forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespassed against us. Amen!

  15. 721Loretta Said,

    Very powerful, …
    Very powerful, thank you.

  16. katherine3486 Said,

    Lord Have Mercy.
    Lord Have Mercy.

  17. warrioroneultimate7 Said,

    My good LORD hear …
    My good LORD hear the cries of your people .
    ~ + ~

  18. KatsumotosHeart Said,

    why does god want …
    why does god want to wait

  19. malikzzzzz Said,

    Sobering is an …
    Sobering is an under statement…! :/

  20. lifeseeker51 Said,

    I did accept of …
    I did accept of course. I came on u-tube to give witness.You’ll note there are no vids on it.I have decided that in my case preaching/teaching probably should not be the main thing I do.So, I make none of my own.Also it has been shown to me that when I post vids made by others,I indorse them.It is dangerous to be a surity for another.I hope we can correspond. Since I do not attend church I miss having fellowship with others.May God be with you.

  21. lightchild7777 Said,


  22. vinod james Said,

    Only true believers …
    Only true believers could stand in those critical condition. But Praise God for the Word of God is alive in everywhere boundaries could not bind the word of God to be preached. amen…

  23. Eye2EyeIIIV Said,

    The reason that …
    The reason that Christians are the most discriminated & persecuted is because G-d said it would. He doesn’t lie. I will back up my Jesus forever and ever and ever and ever. You atheists who follow the wind are missing out on the biggest love you will ever get.
    JESUS is Life!

  24. theflarpus Said,

    Hey lifeseeker, I …
    Hey lifeseeker, I am going to send you a friend invite based on this comment alone. It was like reading one of my own comments. I hope you accept and I encourage you to chat me as much as you want =)

  25. lifeseeker51 Said,

    Well, keep sharing …
    Well, keep sharing the gospel.There’s a lot of people that will not hear it,but, there’s some that will.Ha, I did have someone threaten to turn me in to homeland security for giving a witness.Still, there’s no official prohibition of giving witness of Jesus.Not yet.

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